B R O T H E R S   ||   Б Р А Т Я



I was commissioned to create the key visual for the latest season of the TV show.
The general creative direction came from the NOVA TV’s art director and she kindly coordinated every technical aspect of the execution with decisions and an approach of my choosing.
One of the challenges in this case was that the scene features a few characters, each of whom is important, but everything needed to point towards the main one, who was to leave the impression of a dark angel on whose actions everything else somehow depends. He was also to be the smallest one in our composition. It also had to feature an ark and a wall made of stone.
Having this information, I knew that the background would definitely have to be adding up to the feeling, so after some initial search, I decided to create it in CG.
This way I could light the ark from inside, which would definitely add up to both the depth and the realism of the scene, especially after post. Having this as a base layer of thought, we could proceed with the photoshoot, in which I emulated the logic of the lighting we started with and since we were opting for a very stark, contrasting look, which is one of my favorites, I really took my time to build the set in a way that’s both strong and logical.
As per usual, when something this complex was to be made, but everyone on the set is willing to participate, things turn out well and the process is light-going and entertaining
The campaign saw nationwide communication through outdoor and digital channels.
Starring: Yoanna Temelkova, Vladimir Mihaylov, Alex Ivanov and Hristo Shopov
Creative direction by Guti Gagamova
Make-up by Marina Mladenova
Photography, CGI and post-production by Ivaylo Petrov

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