In my work, I mainly photograph people – both in studio and on location. I consider myself a versatile photographer, who likes to take on every assignment with individual approach and that’s what defines my style – its diversity. My personal preference is, however, classic, cinematic look and feel of the work that I do. My photography background and personal obsession to know about and experiment with lighting makes me able to execute a lot of different projects from all scales.

But to me, image creation goes further than that. I have this constant drive to know more, to do more, to be able to create something else, something, which is not immediately obvious and might seem impossible at first, yet it still happens. Something, which has a meaning to it.

I wanted to build worlds that could never be, but they existed in my mind nevertheless. I wanted to be able to go to places, where no one else could go – be it simply in my mind. In time I began working with a lot of CGI and I find the power technology brings to us simply astonishing. This dedication brought a number of creative professionals around me who share a similar passion and as a team we can make everything happen.

My clients (partial list is below) hire me, because I get. things. done. Whether it’s a simple portrait session or a large-scale campaign, I am always all-in in the project, meticulously employing every bit of skill and knowledge I’ve gathered for producing uncompromising results, while still keeping a positive attitude, after all – that’s what I do for a living and life should be fun.
I’m also a macro and scientific photography aficionado and sometimes bugs make equally interesting subjects for me to explore.
Besides photography, I love cinema and enjoy watching movies from its entire history, which are sometimes a big inspiration for my work. Music is another thing I can’t really do without and which oftentimes helps me shape an idea into an image.

I enjoy traveling. Seeing new things. Simple way of life.

Work featured in:
Hasselblad Masters Contest, OneEyeland, PhotoVogue, PhotographyServed, The Phoblographer, Behance Curated Photography/CGI, and more.

The Phoblographer

DIY Photography (Portraits of Shame project) (in Bulgarian)

SofiaLive  (in Bulgarian) (in Bulgarian) (in Bulgarian)

bTV 2016 – “Beyond the Portrait” Exhibition Interview (in Bulgarian) 2017 – Portraits of Shame (in Bulgarian) (in Bulgarian) (in Bulgarian) (audio, in Bulgarian)

Selected client list: