These days I’ve been feeling kind of strange and yet I’ve had this small project оn my mind for quite some time – to “kill” the people in a really populated place and make it look empty and lonely. So it was probably the perfect time to begin this personal work and I managed to get a shooting permission in the first Mall here in Sofia.

IMG_9225sm IMG_9231sm Mall Emptiness

All photographs are taken with a 10 stop ND filter (a.k.a nd1000), exposure times are between 4 and 8 minutes each, resulting in these empty spaces during one of the busiest parts of the day. I tried to wipe the people out not only with my camera, but there, within my mind as well and it’s really interesting how alone a person can feel even in the midst of all the midday shopping chaos. These are not really typical images for me, but I highly value the time I manage to spend contemplating, even at unusual places, so I decided to share them. They turned out to be, in a way, kind of a self portrait of who I am these days.