Chance can be a strange thing sometimes. Never have I imagined that the first post to write here will be about one of the most precious shoots for me as a person, that I was lucky enough to happen to me in quite a while. There are these peculiar times in one’s life and there are those experiences or just.. impressions that he gets while flying through them. For me the music that I associate with such times happens to have a special place in my mind for years and years after. “Klas” were a part of the soundtrack of quite a big period of my life a few years back, in the high school. They are a cult Bulgarian band from the New Wave in the late ’80s and the moment I first heard them, they had already gone inactive a long time ago. But chance, as I saw, is a strange thing and about 6 months ago they appeared out of the blue as part of a live tribute to Dimitar Voev – probably the most revered figure for this whole movement. That night I managed to sneak behind the scenes and met their singer – Boyko and made him this offer he couldn’t refuse. It turned out that their reappearance – after almost 19 years without being in front of the people, was not very well planned and prepared at all, but the reaction from the crowd was astonishing. So they got inspired to do a single live show, which will probably be their last one as well and around their really busy schedule we managed to make some photographs of them – almost two decades later. I do usually try to be calm (with a varied success)  when I work, but this time I don’t really know if I managed to achieve it – to me it’s definitely a lot harder to take a picture of someone I’m emotionally attached to in certain aspects and this time I really wanted it all to work out together – the location I chose was coherent with the overall mood and atmosphere that I associate their music with and I was really hoping for a moody weather, which happened to be (semi) benevolent on this day.


Klas  Klas

For the first image I’d like to thank a lot of people, who made it possible – Annie, for her amazing involvement with this project, without her it wouldn’t be possible to do it, Ralitsa from Стая № 5, for her great cooperation and understanding, Vera Tinkova from Tango & Pepper Studio for the amazing and rare 100-year-old gramophone, the guys from Ermenegildo Zegna Bulgaria and Zlatina Zareva – for being the PS wizard I wish I could be (:

And part of the shooting process, thanks to Annie for the pics.

IMG_1080sm IMG_1063sm IMG_1101sm IMG_9138sm

And a song I wish I didn’t have to post. One of their less popular, but to me – still amazing. These days I’ve been listening to it quite a lot.